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I am apathy. Ever so existential.

I don’t care for love. I don’t care for life.

I am; faceless, two-dimensional, emotionless, pathetic.

Down on Earth all I feel is the distance between my feet and the dirt.

Hope is all I have. Perseverance is all that exists.

In the dirt and far from deceased, the seed of life matures yet awaits cultivation.

No sign of development have I found. Confining fields flourish as I perish. 

I perish.

My heart is dead. 

Man-made machines pumping blood through these veins, I am powerless.

Preying on my carelessness. My mind is dead.

I am yours, for nothing is mine. I will belong to this forever.

I am yours, I am not mine, forever, forever.

Dreams collapse. My purpose ends as nothing begins.

To die without inception.

Oil and water, darkness and light.

Purpose slips further into oblivion.

Objects I focus on, far from vivid. My pulse becomes harder to detect. 

The eternal semi-conscious state bids no means to end.

The light centered, my path branches away.

Halted by ignorance, eroding from incomprehension.

I create your periphery; I am the border’s line.

I create your periphery; [I am] the occulting body. 

Eyes upon me that cannot see, cannot focus.

Look away, look away.


from Demo 2015, released February 17, 2015
Words & music by Reece Dargie



all rights reserved


Sans Eyes Brisbane, Australia

Progressive metal band from Brisbane, taking influence from various strains of metal, hardcore, progressive and post.

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